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Slavefic Tropes Wiki Discussion

Page history last edited by GoodMorningSunshine 14 years, 1 month ago

In lieu of creating an entire forum just as yet, I'm desgnating this space for discussion, questions, opinions, suggestions, etc., regarding the organization of the wiki in general.


Query: on making the Alien Slavery Gadget and Enslavement Spell pages just now, it occurred to me that these are mostly a fanfiction thing as opposed to original fic, which made me wonder whether maybe I should create a Fanfiction Tropes folder for fanfic-specific tropes.  Or is that unnecessarily complicated or exclusionary?  I'm not saying some canons don't include those plot devices, just that they're a very established thing in slavefic for certain fandoms, to the extent that one awesome Stargate fanfic whose name I can't remember right now has as its tagline, "Sheppherd's in chemical bondage again."  -Maculategiraffe


Re: Fanfic-Specific tropes-- A folder would be a little too much for my tastes. I'm not concerned with anything being exclusionary, but it would overcomplicate things a little. A note that a given trope is fanfic-specific would work for me. --Rubyfruit


Seconded ;-D



Thirded. :)



Query:  when listing examples, what format should we follow?  I've been using title and author, with (original) or (fandom name, pairing if any), plus (WIP) if it's WIP; I've also seen other editors noting if something is members-locked or friendslocked, which I think is a good idea.  It's probably best if we use the same format for each example.  Should we also note whether something is multi-chapter or one-shot?  Do we need to include author's name (or username) for online fic, or is a link sufficient?  How about for books and movies and stuff?  -Maculategiraffe


Re: Examples Listing--

I think that Title/Original or Fandom/Pairing (if any, if it's fandom-specific, or "multi-pairing" if there is more than one pairing featured prominently), and if it's a WIP or not. I think it's a good idea to note if it's friendslocked/member-locked, and any alternate links. I think for online stuff, a link's enough, rather than listing author's name/username, but that's just me. I think it'd be great to list books/movies/other non-online media. 



I agree that it's best to have the same format. I lean towards including the authors name, although I guess that if you don't know the fic, the author's name won't mean much to you either. But I still think it's nice to give our authors that little bit of recognition. I'm not particularly bothered about pairing, but that's just because I'll read anything. Not sure about noting if it's multi-chapter or not. Some people might want to know, but I think the notes on each example should be quite concise. All for listing non-online (and non-free material) but I think that needs to be noted as well.



"I've been using title and author, with (original) or (fandom name, pairing if any), plus (WIP) if it's WIP; I've also seen other editors noting if something is members-locked or friendslocked, which I think is a good idea." This all sounds good to me. I vote in favor of including author names; I find it frustrating having to click on a link to discover who a story is by, and what if the link ceases to work at a later date? It would be harder to track down a story's other locations online if we didn't know the author's name.



Query: I am well aware of the fact that some of us on the wiki not only read slavefic, some of us also write the stuff. If we ourselves are working on a relevant story, and if it's posted somewhere, is it all right to link our own fics, or would that be shameless plugging? This is something I'd like to know before I do something that might be frowned upon.



Oh, absolutely, 100% go for it!  I'm hoping a lot of examples are going to come from the authors themselves-- after all, who knows your own work better than you?  -Maculategiraffe


Query: Should we perhaps define on the home page what a slavefic is? Because the term is used in two ways currently: (1) stories about nonconsensual slavery, or (2) stories about nonconsensual slavery *and* M/s. I get the feeling that this wiki is about slavefic #1 (which I'm glad of) but thought we might want to make our definition clear, one way or the other.



Re: Slavefic Definitions--


I would not know how best to define slavefic as used here on this page. I think that it's best to use the first definition, at least here. But, I'm not the admin, so it's not up to me to say.



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